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/Hybrid是上面的补集。ChatGPT说a hybrid can be made of more than two things就用了。

/Language consists of notes about English, עִבְרִית, $ProgrammingLanguage, and maybe other foreign languages.

'Contains' means something may include a particular thing but there may be other things also present in it. 'Consists' means that a particular thing has only these many things present in it. Apart from them nothing else is present.

/Log是我的chip log,收容在这儿是由于现在不像多年前写得那么频繁,也不想放到太显眼的位置。

postscript(p.s.), 有时我会把gitbook的笔记当成博客的草稿。

Tortoise vs. Hare, who wins?

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